One panel, with a minimum lifespan of 15 years can save the environment over 20,000 plastic bottles


Creation of Water:

Water vapor is pulled from the air with a system powered by solar and then converted into pure drinking water


Daily Production:

Standard array averages 4-5 litres each (2-10 500ml standard water bottles), depending on sunlight and humidity


Energy Usage:

The array is fully self-contained and 100% off-grid, meaning it can be installed in any location


Water Quality:

Pure drinking water is created from water vapor, leaving behind any pollutants in the air, and minerals are added to provide delicious drinking water


Power Storage:

Utilises solar power that charges and internal battery which enables water production and delivery on cloudy days or at night


Water Storage:

Each panel holds 30 litres (60 standard water bottles) in a reservoir where it is mineralised and kept clean for optimal taste and health


Mineral Cartridges Composition:

One cartridge in reservoir

  •  Calcium and Magnesium

Final finishing cartridge located at outlet

  •  Activated carbon



Water is delivered to a tap, fridge, or wall mounted dispenser



The array is fully self-sustained and 100% off-grid, meaning it can be installed in any location



The footprint for each array is:

2400mm (L)

1000mm (D)

1300mm (H)



For more information on the system or to see the system working, please call Meta Maya Construction 9455 7441.




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