Anyone can say they can build, but at Meta Maya Construction (MMC) we deliver! We take on any challenge to breathe new life into communities and transform lives. Building is the key element of what we do, but we do a whole lot more! We put community needs and safety first for every project. We develop relationships with people, forging success through partnerships and collaboration. Using over 50 years of experience, we create solutions that overcome any financing or development obstacle, in any economy and deliver projects on time and to budget. Our goal is to help you create thriving communities in which people can live, work, learn and play, and which they are proud to be part of. We are committed to the long-term future of the building industry. Our corporate and social responsibility and sustainability programs underpin our vision to become the most trusted partner leaving a positive legacy for the communities in which we work and live. We draw upon the various skillsets that we collectively possess across the Group to provide a strong combined Group service offering. We work hard to ensure that our policies support and exceed both regulatory requirements and customer expectations. Our professional memberships reflect our industry status and provide us with invaluable contacts for future innovation and collaboration. We construct and develop throughout Australia. BUILD, MANAGE, MAINTAIN
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