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Environmental Health

PMMRAC is a service provider for Environmental Health, an initiative funded by the Department of Health managed by the Public Health Division of the Western Australian Department of Health. The purpose of this relationship is to provide and support regular environmental health services and support the communities participation to aboriginal communities within the Town of Port Hedland and Shire of East Pilbara.  The outcome of this initiative is to improve and maintain environmental health standards within communities. This is achieved by educating and keeping community members informed about Environmental Health issues and promoting sustainable Environmental Health practices. Currently the Service Agreement focuses on the provision of the following programs:

  • Dog Health - Monitor and maintain dog health through the provision of the Healthy Dog program, education and population control.
  • Dust Control -  Monitor dust levels and make recommendations to reduce dust.
  • Climate control – Take action and make recommendations for improving areas in community which are subject to extreme temperatures and other conditions.
  • Emergency management – Make recommendations for emergency plans for communities for events such as fires, cyclones and flooding.
  • Pest and Mosquito Control - Monitor pest levels and minimise pest impacts where resources are available.
  • Waste management (Solid and Liquid) - Assist with waste removal, implement safe health practices and support the community to undertake community clean-ups and to remove rubbish.
  • Monitor Repairs and Maintenance - Perform regular inspections and report or make referrals to relevant organisations as well as perform simple repairs where possible for eg. replacing tap washers and replacing toilet seats.
  • Food Safety - Educate community members about the proper Hygiene procedures inrelation to food storage, food handling and preparation.
  • Health promotion – Engage with community members using public health messages to improve how the environment impacts on health.
  • Community Environmental Health Action Plans for all communities.

Where factors, in the environment cause an outbreak of infectious disease in a community Environmental Health officers work with communicable disease programs and health centres to isolate and overcome the risk. The Environmental Health team is an important link to communities, sharing information with the Community Council, Health Centre and Service Providers.


  • Dog health
  • Dust Control and Climate Control
  • Pest and Mosquito Control
  • Waste Management
  • Health promotion – Food safety, Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Complete Community Environmental Health Action Plans


Environmental Health programme reaches as far our desert communities 600 Km from Port Hedland.



Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Environmental team conducting the dog health programme with the help of community members.