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The Structure of the Meta Maya Environmental of Companies Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation (“PMMRAC”) is a 100% privately owned, not for profit, Western Australian Aboriginal organisation based in Port Hedland in the Pilbara Region. PMMRAC is driven by a Board of seven Aboriginal members of the Pilbara Region, in accordance with the Rule Book. The Management Team consists of the Chief Executive Officer and her three Chief Officers in Finance, Operations and Organisational Development. In addition, there are Departmental Managers, Supervisors and/or Co-Ordinators. PMMRAC’s mission is to serve as a development Corporation for the regional Aboriginal Communities of the Pilbara. We believe we advance community and economic development goals, by providing innovative, sustainable and reliable essential and community services employing quality tradespeople and supplying employment opportunities to the communities, where appropriate. The vision is to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with employment opportunities in various areas of the business. Since inception, PMMRAC has grown into an acknowledged professional and quality organisation, which delivers value added services. The services delivered are based around property management, support and tenant education, environmental health, municipal services and the provision and maintenance of essential services i.e. power, water and wastewater. PMMRAC has been successfully delivering these services since 1994 to Aboriginal communities across the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison regions. PMMRAC has four wholly owned commercial entities; albeit all staff and assets are managed by PMMRAC. 1. Meta Maya Services Pty. Ltd. (MMS) - ABN No. 81 158 635 459; 2. Meta Maya Mechanical Services (MMMS) part of PMMRAC; 3. Meta Maya Environmental Pty. Ltd. (MME) – ABN No. 44 617 723 869 – a national Environmental Consultancy and NATA accredited Laboratory based in Perth; and 4. Meta Maya Construction Pty. Ltd. (MMC) – ABN 61 617 841 326 – the national construction company based in Perth. PMMRAC principally operates from the Port Hedland office across the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison Region supported by MMS and MMMS. MME and MMC operate nationally and are represented both in the Metro and Regional areas. In 2011 Meta Maya Services Pty. Ltd. (MMS) was formed to enable the delivery of more high value amenities to the communities serviced via the Essential Services Department. Cultivating this commercial arm has enabled the organisation to deliver high quality value added services to our communities. In March, 2017 the organisation acquired an Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy with a NATA accredited Laboratory. PMMRAC via Meta Maya Environmental Pty. Ltd. (MME) is the only Aboriginal owned Environmental Consultancy and Laboratory in Western Australia. MME’s service offerings include all types of services around Asbestos and Hazardous materials, Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental and Property Risk services. The acquisition enabled PMMRAC to capitalise on skill sets already held within the business having managed the Environmental Health Contract on behalf of the Department of Health for 12 years. The addition of MME, has further strengthened our position as a quality business, delivering professional services to both the Government and the Corporate Sector and offering our clients qualified and experienced personnel with a Perth presence, a national reach and an extended service offering. The acquisition also provided PMMRAC with an office in the metro area i.e. Perth, some talented staff and an active client base. This allows Management to access a majority of the client base quickly and more cost effectively, if required. In August 2017 PMMRAC acquired the services of a niche Building Company and Meta Maya Construction Pty Ltd. (MMC) was formed (construction license number 102166). The construction team has extensive experience in the construction and building of new homes, apartments, refurbishment of properties and fitouts (office, healthcare, retail outlets). This acquisition expands on our service capability to our communities in the Pilbara and strengthens our national capacity. Meta Maya Mechanical Services (MMMS) was established in April 2018 out of the need to service our own fleet of vehicles to ensure reliability and longevity in the Australian outback. A full range of repair, maintenance and equipment installation services are now extended to the general public. The Meta Maya Environmental of Companies are fully committed to improving the social and economic areas of life for the Aboriginal nation as a whole. The organisation is passionate about ensuring opportunities are available for Aboriginal personnel on Community. PMMRAC currently has a 35% employment percentage and this will only increase as PMMRAC become more sustainable and can offer apprenticeships in other areas of the business. MMC believe that involving community members in construction projects and employing them as valued members of the team on projects on communities in the Pilbara ensures inclusivity for the whole community, construction projects are respected and property maintenance is kept in check. Employing Aboriginal people on construction projects outside of the Pilbara is a natural progression to our goal of improving life. The beauty about PMMRAC is that the skill sets are transferable throughout the organisation, where required. There is depth in the organisation and the expertise is extensive. Our commitment to our clients, people and communities is fervent and we operate on 3 principles of service: Value - the ultimate benefit to the community compensates for the sacrifice made Quality - to achieve real benefit for the community, quality is critical Communication - the need for effective communication is essential for successful business relationships. What set’s the Meta Maya Environmental of Companies apart? The Meta Maya Environmental of companies have established good relations with clients, the communities they serve, their staff and their suppliers. The organisation is passionate about delivering quality services thereby raising the standard of living for Aboriginal people on community or in the community, with the organisation going beyond its contractual duties on a regular basis. PMMRAC is the only regional service provider of its type, it is unique in its set up and operational delivery. PMMRAC provide services that are individual in nature when usually specific companies would be engaged. Having dedicated trades personnel that can cross business units sets PMMRAC apart providing a competitive advantage. PMMRAC continue to develop new services to meet client demand i.e. social services. This enables us to retain and continually build on our client database. PMMRAC treat employees, suppliers and business partners fairly and respectfully, are culturally sensitive and conduct business in a transparent way at all times. PMMRAC has invested in implementing a business information management system which assures we operate by streamlined processes, ensuring that the whole organisation operates cost effectively. PMMRAC are ISO accredited in Quality, Safety and Environmental. MME is, at present, the only Environmental Consultancy with its own accredited NATA Laboratory and which is 100% Aboriginal owned. The NATA Laboratory gives MME the competitive advantage as they are able to inspect, sample, test and report to our clients without the need to outsource to other laboratories in the areas of air and soil. Regarding water, MME have a partnership with a water specific laboratory. PMMRAC, MME and MMC have the ability to cross utilise resources in the best way that suits clients requirements thereby ensuring costs are realistic and projects are completed in accordance with key processes. Financial Capacity PMMRAC has been in operation for over 25 years and is financially secure. The organisation is completely self-funded in every way, having no funding facilities in place. Although the global financial crisis and the mining downturn hit the region severely, the CEO and her management team managed this situation and in addition grew the complementary capability and capacity of the organisation as a whole. There are few companies who could provide such high-quality services in such extreme conditions across a staggering 600,000 km² to the Aboriginal communities we service and now to a commercial market across Australia in cities, towns and remote sites nationally, whilst at the same time giving back to the people we service. To attest to this PMMRAC has won Best Business with 20+ Employees in 2015, Best Aboriginal Business three years running - 2016, 2017, 2018 and as a first time entry in the Western Australian Regional Awards, was presented with the WA Regional Development Award for 2017.


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