About MMC

The construction team has extensive experience in the construction and building of homes, apartments, refurbishment of properties and fitouts (office, healthcare, retail outlets). The addition of MMC not only strengthens the organisation but increases our sub-contractor network across Western Australia enabling us to develop a professional maintenance model.

MMC’s construction portfolio delivers services around building, refurbishment, property fit-outs and maintenance.

MMC’s project teams are staffed by experts within their respective fields who are passionate about what they do and believe in “quality within value”. MMC offer a diverse range of complementary client focussed services across multiple disciplines adding value at every stage. 

The experienced and professional construction team at MMC can supply services to both the commercial and residential markets and are able to undertake projects for new builds; Heritage refurbishment works; Building insurance works; Fire Damage works; Asbestos Remediation; Inspections on buildings (dilapidation) electrical, and compliance. 



MMC’s talented and highly skilled personnel operate an ethos of integrity and honesty, which ensures quality, credible and robust outcomes are achieved with true impartiality. MMC personnel are open and transparent when dealing with our clients.

MMC is very motivated towards client satisfaction and is able to assist clients with their property related issues in a more holistic fashion. MMC keep lines of communication clear and simplify a sometimes-overcomplicated process. 

Communication is key to client satisfaction and MMC takes pride in ensuring that our team maintains open communication, sign off on project stages, where appropriate, and that there is complete transparency with regard to the project and its costings.

Obtain our Capability Statement from the website under documents and downloads.


"Anyone can say they can build ......."


Our Mission

Our Mission is focussed on providing tailored solutions to clients from a comprehensive range of services. We do this by offering expert, impartial advice that provides superior solutions across our portfolio of service which meet client expectations as well as regulatory and environmental requirements.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a sustainable organisation ensuring our people and our clients have a positive and secure future.

Meta Maya Construction (MMC) is committed to high standards across the board, selecting our people and our partners very carefully. We acquire, retain and develop motivated personnel to ensure that the high levels of service we offer are maintained.

We have a team of professional managers and experienced personnel involved in delivering the services we provide.  To maintain our high standards, we have invested heavily in our
personnel who are all part of a committed ongoing training program.

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Our Team

Our overall strategy is to focus on the delivery of end to end solutions that add immediate value to our clients. To support this high-quality service delivery we have formed
relationships with proven and committed strategic alliance partners that offer niche services and solutions that complement our offerings.

“We have trusting relationships with our clients, built on respect and our capability”

Our clients receive the best quality of service managed by one central contact. Established processes ensure that the business operates effectively and efficiently. Under a strong leadership team, the focus is on excellence, health and safety and flexibility in the delivery of our services.

Business today is about diversification, good relations and partnership opportunities which reduces costs, increases efficiencies and enables business to refocus critical resources. Now is the time for you to build relationships with an Aboriginal organisation that has a range of skillsets that support your business.