Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation

Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation (PMMRAC) is a 100% privately owned, not for profit, Western Australian Aboriginal Organisation based in Port Hedland in the Pilbara that commenced operations in 1994.

PMMRAC is driven by a Board of seven Aboriginal members from the Pilbara, in accordance with the PMMRAC Rule Book and is managed by the CEO with 3 Chief Officers in Finance, Operations and Strategic Development.

PMMRAC also owns and operates a number of commercial organisations that are wholly owned related entities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to respect Aboriginal culture and deliver quality services, amenities and education to communities

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an improved quality of life for Aboriginal people

Welcome to the Pilbara Meta Maya Group of Companies. Let me take you on a Journey of success in diversification and sustainability, which I myself have had the pleasure of witnessing during my tenure at the organisation.

First of all, the organisation is fully committed to improving the social and economic areas of life for the Aboriginal nation as a whole. The organisation is passionate about ensuring opportunities are available for Aboriginal personnel on Community.

Becoming more sustainable is a focus for the management team and I over the next 3 – 5 years. We acquire quality personnel who can assist in adding more depth within the organisation with the emphasis on longer term contracts, promoting longevity which, in turn, will enable the Group to offer apprenticeships in all areas of the business.

You cannot beat the enthusiasm of committed staff - it is infectious. Just talking to people about our story has spread the word and in itself excites people.   

Here's our Story …

Making a positive impact where it’s needed most”

Rachael Green
Chief Executive Officer