MMS provide a high quality water sampling service to most of its Aboriginal communities across the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Midwest region. Our water sampling service undertaken by a NATA accredited Laboratory includes regular microbiological and chemical sampling as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) and the servicing and maintenance of water head works and equipment.

If a microbiological sample fails, MMS will commence arrangements to respond to that failure notice within 24 hours. The fail response includes an investigation into the cause of the failure and where possible steps are taken to remedy the fail. MMS will conduct a resample between 6 and 48 hours following the completion of the initial remediation.

  • Microbiological water quality – samples taken monthly for bacteriological and amoebic water quality (not less than 25 days, or more than 35 days)
  • Physical/ chemical water quality – sampled once every six months
  • Sewerage lagoon primary and tertiary effluent – sampled every six months
  • Operation bores – sample once every six months for microbiological and physical/ chemical water quality
  • Additional parameters as required, which may include samples for microbiological, chemical or radiological analyses.


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