Meta Maya Services

Established in 2011, Meta Maya Services (MMS) delivers Essential Services to the Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Midwest region. Most of the Region is remote and diverse in nature and present many challenges for government, non-government and private sector service providers. MMS ensure that essential infrastructure is maintained to an acceptable level.

A key element meeting these challenges and ensuring essential service infrastructure sustainability, is a comprehensive planned and preventative maintenance schedule. The absence of such will lead to breakdowns, failures, higher running costs and a shorter asset lifespan. In turn, this may have health, safety and environmental implications for the communities.

MMS have been successfully delivering Power, Water and Wastewater services for the last 2 decades to Aboriginal communities across the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Midwest regions. The Essential Services team maintains infrastructure to an exceptional standard, which minimises break-downs and provides a quality and continuous service to Aboriginal communities. In addition, MMS conducts most asset replacement and capital works projects. It is imperative that all infrastructure and monitoring systems withstand Australia’s most extreme weather as the Pilbara experiences searing summer temperatures, freezing desert nights and monsoonal rains and flooding.

A key to our successful service delivery has included the installation and remote monitoring of all types and sizes of power generators, water and wastewater treatment plants and associated infrastructure. Remote monitoring has resulted in significant cost savings for our clients through reduced breakdowns and emergency repairs. It has also enabled our clients to make informed decisions on future planning of assets through the gathering of robust datasets on demand and consumption of power and water.

Our team is committed to excellence in service delivery, their own and the contractors used to facilitate repair and maintenance. Our success has been built on the long-term trusted relationships we have with our Government Partners ensuring that their objectives are clearly understood.

Establishing multiple trusted relationships within an organisation ensures commitment at every level.

“Service that changes lives”


The majority of the Aboriginal communities we service are reliant on standalone generators or small scale power stations. As part of providing a high standard of service to such isolated communities, we have installed remote monitoring technology which enables us to operate these systems remotely, collect detailed consumption and load data, and detect faults and breakdowns.

We provide high quality servicing and repairs for these systems that include the maintenance of generators and engines, switchboards, LV and HV feeders and all associated equipment. As communities increase in size, or when the generators become obsolete, we source and install new and reconditioned generators. With years of industry experience, our own expertise and our partners, we ensure our communities receive the highest standard of equipment and systems best suited to Australia’s harsh climate.

We provide high quality servicing and repairs for stand alone generators or small scale power stations that include the maintenance of generators and engines, switchboards, Low Voltage and High Voltage feeders and all associated equipment.

  • Diesel generator service, maintenance, repairs and installations
  • Diagnostic fault finding in ComAp control systems
  • Remote monitoring control and installation for generators and small power stations
  • RCD, emergency lighting and portable test and tagging
  • Generator load testing and oil sampling
  • Fuel tank installations
  • Power line maintenance and installations