PMMRAC’s environmental health team are extremely passionate about addressing the environmental health issues in the regions, as it is recognised that improving the environment has a “knock on” effect to the general health and wellbeing of residents on community. Our teams are trained in various practices including:

  • Pest and Mosquito Control – pest levels are monitored and where resources are available impact's addressed
  • Animal Health
  • Waste Management – assistance is given in the removal of waste to support the implementation of safe health practices
  • Emergency Management – recommendations and planning is conducted which address events such as fires, cyclones and flooding
  • Health – education on how the environment has an impact on health
Services provided
  • Dust Control – dust is monitored and recommendations are made
  • Climate Control – action is taken and recommendations are made for improvement of areas which are subject to extreme conditions
  • Food Safety – education is given around the importance of preparing, cooking and storing of food
  • Bathroom and kitchen audits ensuring and promoting healthy areas with working equipment (replaced on request) and water wastage
  • Eradicated trachoma in the Pilbara

“Conserving, improving”