As part of the strategic growth plan for PMMRAC the Social Services Business Unit has been developed so as to expand and enhance the type of services currently offered by the organisation to the wider community.

The key goals are to provide early intervention and support through education, case management and referrals to improve living skills. Our commitment is to the on-going relationships and the establishment of new key relationships between teams of allied health professionals. This allows for a coordinated and committed approach to best support decision making around social issues, health and housing.

Since July 2020, PMMRAC has been working with the State Government to provide suitable accommodation and support services to predominantly Aboriginal people who are undertaking training and education in South Hedland. This facility is known as Mirnutharntu Maya which means “accommodation to support learning”. Mirnutharntu Maya is a 48 bedroomed facility and is conveniently located within walking distance to the North Regional TAFE.

Residents are treated with dignity and respect and staff work one on one to develop a plan of action to ensure each individual is offered the right resources and guidance to achieve their future goal aspirations.

The facility is appropriately equipped with modern furnishings and resources such as tasteful living areas and sleeping quarters, welcoming recreation room and outdoor areas, kitchen facilities and bathroom amenities. Residents are generously catered for and looked after by a caring team of dedicated staff who ensure each guest is not only happy but thriving.




Our staff are available to guests informally if they need to talk and guests are provided with the most relevant and up to date information in all situations. The staff operate in an open and transparent manner and enforces a strict guide of rules for all guests that must be adhered to for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Mirnutharntu Maya is a stepping stone for individuals taking them on a journey towards their future goals. Our staff are professional in all situations and guarantee resident’s privacy above all else. We work with external agencies and departments to find the most appropriate support and services available to our residents and take pride in everything we do.

PMMRAC’s vision for this Business Unit will enable us to develop our team of professionals in the various community service areas enabling progress and the development of other services like Emergency Response. We will also be able to extend the catering services offered by our qualified chef enabling apprenticeships or trainee programs to be initiated.

“Best service, right time, right people”