Directors and Management

"The last couple of years has had a devastating effect on global health and economies and Australia has not been left out.  Here in Western Australia and in particular the Pilbara, the Board and the Organisation have remained committed to our focus of ensuring the overall health and well-being of our people, clients and the communities we serve and have satisfactorily overcome most of the issues presented with strict Government compliance led by the Chief Executive Officer and her Management Team.

We are very proud to be associated with this long standing organisation that is committed to providing such high quality services, employment and growth opportunities for its people and the Board will continue to build and strengthen the business with enthusiasm and drive.

We will continue to build organisational excellence in our people, our systems and processes whilst adhering to a policy of strict regulatory compliance.”

"Our work defines our vision"

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Maureen Kelly OAM
Chairperson - Director
AL - Small
Alana Lockyer
Vice Chairperson - Director
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Clarrie Robinson
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Linda Parker
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Donny Wilson
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Natalie Parker
Charmaine Orange (2) (002)-1
Charmaine Orange

Honorary Lifetime Members

Lindsay Lockyer (002)

Lindsay Lockyer

Sadly Lindsay passed away in November 2019.
Nana Tullock (002)

Nana Tullock

Sadly Nana passed away in March 2022
Rachael Green
Chief Executive Officer - PMMRAC Board Secretary

Rachael has extensive experience in a leadership role having managed her own business for many years prior to joining Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation, where she has remained for over 13 years primarily as the CEO.

Rachael has a particularly strong focus on finance and keeps everyone accountable. She has strong commercial/business acumen and has led the organisation through its largest growth phase, reinvesting profits to achieve the objectives of the Corporation.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Rachael has overall responsibility for the Group and has invested in accreditations, systems and personnel.  

Responsible to the Board, Rachael ensures that the Group is governed in accordance with ORIC and the Group's Rulebook.

Rachael is passionate about the organisation ensuring compliance of process and procedure at every level.

The COVID-19 pandemnic has put more than usual strain on the organisation, especially being able to deliver essential and community focussed services working around the FIFO staff on board the organisation.  Flexibility has been key and abiding by Government guidelines has been imperative, this has been managed by Rachael ensuring that both our people and the communities we service are safe.

"You are in good hands"

Dee Broadmore
Chief Organisation Development Officer

Dee has over 35 years’ experience in the Corporate market place both in Australia and in Europe.  Her legal background of 17 years underpins her ability to negotiate contracts and agreements. An integration expert with a strong commercial focus, Dee has spent most of her career advising Boards and Senior Management Groups on Resource Planning and Retention, as well as business development, strategic marketing, process creation and information management.

Working with a not for profit for nearly 10  years, Dee has been instrumental in ensuring its diversity and high profile, with responsibilities for strategic marketing at the Group level and the development of Meta Maya Environmental and Meta Maya Construction.

Tertiary educated, Dee has in her career developed business models and built effective and efficient teams in sales, service, consulting and operations which in turn has increased revenue, profile and profit. She is an advocate for development and change, having implemented numerous strategies at a people and organisational level. 

"Trust only the Best"

Simon Daniel
Chief Financial Officer

Simon has over 30 years of domestic and international experience working with companies in the Services Industry, FMCG and Not for Profit/Charitable Organisations.

Simon has been responsible for all aspects of financial reporting, strategy, taxation, governance, compliance, financing, systems and cost reviews.  Simon is also fully versed in Merger and Acquisition activity.

Simon’s passion has been working with smaller organisations where he knows he can really help to drive the organisations forward with reviews around systems, processes and costing.  Increasing shareholder value has been one of his main drivers, as has ensuring all stakeholders are kept fully informed and communicated with in a professional manner.

Simon is a Chartered Accountant and has held Board positions domestically and internationally.

"We believe in satisfaction not apology"

Andy Hall
Chief Operating Officer

Andy has successfully developed and led large strategic changes in business as well delivered large construction and maintenance projects across a range of diverse locations and clients, leading the safety,  operations, and financial functions as well as ensuring commercial compliance and service delivery.

He has operated in both the client senior management space as well as a contractor / supplier side so has a very good understanding of what both parties need and what it takes to ensure safe successful delivery of service.

Andy is very focused on ensuring our business teams operate in a safe, balanced, and creative environment where we deliver value for both PMM and our clients and create opportunities for our employees to develop their skills and grow as we develop the business.